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Sittwe: The leading Arakanese political party, Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP) has published a monograph that informs the general public about the Shwe Gas Project and their basic need for electricity to continue developments in Arakan State.

The publication is titled “Presentation to the Arakanese peoples for the rights to electricity from Shwe Gas Project” and has been circulated in all areas in Arakan State by the party.

“We have published the monograph in order to raise awareness among our Arakanese people about our natural gas reserves and our basic need for electricity for our own developments in our region”, said one of the monograph distributors from the party.


11,000 people convert to Buddhism in Ahmedabad

Posted: January 29, 2010 in News

Express News Service, Jan 25, 2010

Ahmedabad, India — Cose to 11,000 people, including those from the Koli and Kshatriya communities as well as Christian families, embraced Buddhism at a function in Saijpur Bogha here on Sunday.
Buddhist monks from Bhante Pragnyasheel administered the pledges to the new converts. The Ahmedabad district collector, however, said no conversion could be effective unless an official permission was granted. (more…)

Eco-News: Arakan Forest Turtle

Posted: December 14, 2009 in News

Just look at these cute little suckers!!!

Arakan Forest TurtleArakan Forest Turtle

Endangered Arakan Forest Turtle Spotted in the Wild
Written by Mariella Moon

The Arakan forest turtle was once thought to be extinct until some specimens were found peddled as food in China. According to LiveScience, it was 1908 since a live specimen – just a single one – was last collected by an Army officer from Britain. But in an elephant sanctuary in Myanmar, a team of Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) personnel discovered five endangered turtle species, one of which is the Arakan forest turtle. The animal is small, with adults measuring less than a foot in length, and is characterized by its brown coloring and block mottling. Like many other turtle species in Asia, the Arakan forest turtle’s existence has been threatened by poaching.

“Throughout Asia, turtles are being wiped out by poachers for the illegal wildlife trade,” said Colin Poole, WCS Director of Asia programs. “We are delighted and astonished that this extremely rare species is alive and well in Myanmar. Now we must do what we can to protect the remaining population.”

Due to the discovery of the Arakan forest turtles among other endangered turtle species in the elephant sanctuary, preparatory steps for the proper care of the animals are proposed. These include training the staff, taking measures to prevent poaching, and collecting further data on the species.

*Image of the Arakan forest turtle in the wild by the Wildlife Conservation Society is courtesy of LiveScience

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Nobel Peace Prize proposed for Master Cheng Yen

Posted: December 7, 2009 in News

The China Post, December 4, 2009

Taipei, Taiwan — This year’s Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to President Barack Obama of the United States, albeit he doesn’t seem to have done anything to contribute to world peace. Well, that may be the reason why a German Nobel laureate on a brief visit to Taipei is planning to nominate Venerable Dharma Master Cheng Yen for that prize next year.

In light of the ongoing Freedom From Religion Foundation case, I found this news item interesting.
Linda Moulin | 15.07.2009 | 16:55

Tribune de Geneve

In advance of their annual Leading Figure award to a religious figure who has done the most to advance the cause of humanism and peace, the Geneva-based International Coalition for the Advancement of Religious and Spirituality (ICARUS) has chosen to bestow a special award this year on the Buddhist Community.  “We typically prefer an under-the-radar approach for the organization, as we try to embody the spirit of modesty found in the greatest traditions,” said ICARUS director Hans Groehlichen in a phone conference Monday. “But with organized religion increasingly used as a tool to separate and inflame rather than bring together, we felt we had to take the unusual step of creating a “Best Religion in the World” award and making a bit of a stir, to inspire other religious leaders to see what is possible when you practice compassion.”