By Ven. Indobhasa

Kills many monks, and commits
The offence of causing schism in monastic order,
But not Devadattha

Destroys the Buddha Images,
But not Osamabinladen

Lives under the ground,
But not King Yama

Be a leader of genocide,
But not Hitler

Eats human flesh,
But not Porisada

Be with horn,
But not an ox…

Beats everyone and everything,
But not a mad dog…



December 5, 2009
Mother’s love is beyond measure, so
We have to pay a gratitude to the benefactor of us, MOM.

Under the shade of Mom’s love,
I wish to live at the end of my life.

Mom, which is being called in our daily lives,
Is only three alphabets; yet
It’s the most auspicious one in this world.



December 5, 2009

In spite of not being a golden fish,
Can swim across the ocean to meet you.

In spite of not being a bird,
Can fly to meet you in the sky.

In spite of not being a nightingale,
Can sing a sweet song for you.

In spite of not being a poet,
Can compose a lovely poem for you.

In spite of not being a composer,
Can compose a lovely song for you.

9:35 am


The Light of Asia, U Ottama

December 3, 2009

While Myanmar being under the darkness,
He appeared in the western, Arakan Kingdom
To give the ray for the people under the dark.

While the whole Myanmar People being the full of being afraid,
He dare to the “Craddock”
” Hi, Craddock!” “GET OUT!”

While the other leaders being honored,
He is forgotten by the people of Myanmar
To honor him, “the Light of Asia.”

While the memorials days of others held inside Myanmar,
The unforgettable day for him isn’t allowed inside
To celebrate the unforgettable day of his demise.

However the times and years pass by,
However they insult your gratitude,
Despite you had already been death,
You are always alive in our Arakaneses’ heart.


I had already published this post on other my blogs, Coral Land and Arakan Indobhasa.

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