Arakan Traditional & Culture

The Dance of Offering Oil-Lamps to Lord Buddha

Mingalabar Shin!

Now, you’re going to enjoy the Rakhine traditional dance named “The Dance of Offering Oil-Lamps to Lord Buddha”.

All national races residing in the Union of Myanmar have their own traditions and customs respectively.

Through their traditions and customs, such various sectors as their religion, social and economy can be observed.

For example, this traditional dance of Rakhine nationals reveals their deep reverence and belief in religion.

The Rakhine ladies, participating in this dance, are gently dancing in the manner of offering the oil-lamps to Lord Buddha, by raising and lifting the oil-lamps on their palms.

This dance is backed by the Rakhine religious song played with Rakhine traditional musical instruments. Especially, it does one’s heart good to hear rhythmic beats of Rakhine traditional short drum.

Along the history of Rakhine nationals, their traditions and culture have been incredibly flourishing.

Rakhine nationals, one of the national races residing in the Union of Myanmar, live in Rakhine State in the western part of Myanmar.

Since yore, they have been professing Buddhism. So, one can witness the religious edifices which were built in 15th AD and high standard of their architectural skills up to the present.

By seeing the prominent pagodas and temples in Rakhine State, aesthetic sculpture and architecture of Rakhine nationals can be studied.

Rakhine nationals have been living under the rules of their own monarchs since yore, and their last royal city is “MraukU” where ancient pagodas, temples, city wall, moat, fort and royal palace can be conspicuously seen. So, it can be said that they are the proof of the history of ancient Rakhine Kings.

In this dance, Rakhine ladies gently dance like the Rakhine traditional dance depicted in ancient Rakhine sculptures.

Moreover, their Rakhine traditional costumes are beautiful as well as gentle. Rakhine laides usually adorn flowers in their high hair-knots; especially they adorn the sprays of Thazin orchid at the right side of their hair-knots.

They dress open-fronted jackets with strapless bodice under which they wear black shawls slung across their right shoulders and the fringes of their shawl are hung at the left side of their waists.

Rakhine nationals perform the dances of paying homage to Lord Buddha at Rakhine traditional Buddha pujaniya ceremonies, religious ceremonies and alms-giving ceremonies as a token of auspiciousness.

That’s why, this Rakhine traditional dance reveals the custom of Rakhine nationals who are deeply reverent to Theravada Buddhism.

Ref: HERE.


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