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By Maung Aye
Sittwe: Monks living across western Burma’s Arakan State have started a petition to appeal to the Burmese military junta for the release of U Pyinya Sara, who has been unfairly de-robed and put on trial, said a leading activist monk from the campaign.

“The campaign is being launched by some young monks studying in the monasteries to secure the release of U Pyinya Sara, as he is not guilty of the charges filed by the local authorities, and his trial should held in accordance with the law,” said the monk.

He said that the campaign is now being carried out in Mrauk U, Kyauk Taw, Sittwe, Rambree, Man Aung, Ponna Kyunt, and Minbya Townships in Arakan State.

“We are now collecting signatures from the monks in each township. Even the abbots are supporting our campaign. So far we have received 200 signatures and after completing the campaign all across Arakan we will submit the petition to the junta’s higher authorities,” said the monk, adding that the campaign was started after local congregants from Sittwe requested the monks do something for the freedom of U Pyinya Sara.

“Mainly the lay devotees have urged us to do a campaign whenever we go for alms. Two youths who donated drinking water to the demonstrating monks in the Saffron Revolution protests were released after we had launched a similar campaign for them. So we believe that the authorities will consider releasing U Pyinya Sara after this campaign as well,” he said.

According to the source, the signed petition will be submitted to the Western Command Commander, the chief military authority in Arakan State. He reported they are working for U Pyinya Sara’s release because he is a selfless monk who is working not only for the propagation of Buddhism but also to aid local orphaned children.

15 head monks from Sittwe, Minbya, and Ponna Kyunt have already submitted a signed letter to Brigadier General Soe Thein on 17 September requesting a fair trial for the arrested monk, but there was no improvement after their appeal. The source said they will keep on with their movement until U Pyinya Sara is released in the event authorities are hesitant to release him after the petition campaign.

U Pyinya Sara’s case has been heard almost daily in the court. Last Sunday the judge revoked the defense lawyers right to represent the monk after they complained about his unruly manner.

A Journey I shall never forget

Posted: November 13, 2009 in Trips

By Arakanese Indobhasa

Going on a journey can be very refreshing and interesting. We can gain new knowledge and new experience. I have always wished to travel to very sorts of everywhere in every country. Last Saturday, I had a chance to travel to the “Stream Garden” with my classmates led by our teacher, an Assist Prof. Porntipho Bsntomsin.

Our journey started about 8:00 am from IBC, International Buddhist College by bus. It took us for about a half hour to arrive at the foot of the mountain where the Stream Garden is situated. When we arrived at the foot of the mountain, we all got off, and then we went on foot to the mountain. All of us were very active and also were very happy for that journey; however, many of us were not able to walk quickly because of the mountain’s being upright and their having no a experience as well. Yet, as for me, I am used to climbing the mountain. I was very happy to climb the mountain because I had been for about ten years not to climb the mountain despite I used to climb the mountain at the age of around about over ten years old.

When we reached the Office nearly 9:00 am, we were warmly welcome to the “Stream Garden”, and we led by the leader and the Officers of the “Stream Garden” went to the discussion room. And they showed a cataloged video collection of DVD’s of Krishnamurti’s public talks and dialogues, after which we discussed the topic of “Life, Home and Values” with tem. Although our discussion did not finish, we stopped for launch, and we, at 11:00 am, took launch in the restaurant of that office. And then, our discussion restarted at 2:00 pm, and it was over at 2:00 pm. After that, we kept on our journey to the “Stream” in the valley of that mountain. We had been walking along the rubber-forest for about one hour to get to the “Stream-Pond”.

I was very surprised at seeing rubber-forest, such big as sorts of which I have never seen before. I got a lot of general knowledge from that tour. We saw the running stream along the valley, and took a lot of photos along the way as the remembrance of the journey. All of us were happy very much. On arriving at the “Stream-Pond”, we saw some people swimming in it. We, sitting the stone and log each, relaxed ourselves for about a half hour, some of us ate some food which was carried from the office, and took many photos there, after which we returned to the place where the office is situated. When we arrived at the office, the bus had already reached to pick us up. However, we, drinking water and green tea, refreshed ourselves at the office for about twenty minutes, for all of us became tired for walking in the forest the whole afternoon.

The officers in the office were very kind to us, and they arranged what we needed, because our teacher had already had plan for that journey. They also offered some DVDs and books of Krishnamurti’s public talks and dialogues for IBC Library. And we, in front of the office, took photos together with all of us and staffs in that office for the remembrance of offering the books and DVDs. After that, about 5:30 pm, we came back to IBC, International Buddhist College, and they saying “BYE! BYE!, greeted us showing hands. And we left them. We arrived at IBC about 6:00 pm. The reason of going to such interesting tour is due to the benefactor of our teacher, Assist Prof. Porntipho Bantomsin, who lectured us the subject by the name of “Life, Home and Values”. The tour was very interesting, very pleasant, and very exciting. Up to now, I can not resist dreaming about the tour in my mind. I really enjoyed it very much and I shall never forget it in my life.