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This series of photos shot on the 5th May. 51 the past.
Made a series of photos. Dancer …. The earlier series intended to present a single Dancer.
… So no pictures of Tata in the series … One Love One Dancer.
Thus, this combination will offer the same, but Tata is content to do it wholeheartedly.

I watch it with Tata …. One Love @ Chiang Mai.

The anecdotes I tell you before, as a pro. That is.
Concert photography. Where it was shot .. (I had to sit), we need to choose a location before the show. And the singer before he handed the microphone or hand held microphone, so if he holds his right hand. I have to side with his hand held.
Tata is also likely to be right-handed. We just need to stay on the left side of the singer. (About me).

But this case has chosen not to. I was shooting left hand. It went straight to the right of Tata.
…. But not able to go pick up a camera on the opposite side. Both the fans. Journalists and photographers.
… Oppose the stand that there is no channel to capture it.

Therefore, the Tata holding the microphone with his right hand. This picture is about.

But now the singer. They hold the microphone switch and two hands.
(Do not know … I view my photography. I do not know when the hand 555).

So I need to shoot the Tata holding a microphone in his left hand.

If you wait to hold the microphone with a hand that does not obscure the picture. I have to wait to turn back now.

The hand-held microphone, whatever. The singer turned straight. The camera position.
If you go in the middle of the stage. The singer is standing center stage, as most do.
This might be about it.
…. A good position to shoot, they should go on the side either side of me .. but as the front.
The best way that I should see someone behind him to cover the full. … Of this I have to share my appreciation. Not that I like to shoot other people, I would sit and watch passively. Or want to share some pictures around it.

I was told to come with their own excuse for him … that I have pretty much Tata.
(Go go dancer and I 555).

Come together like it.

Solo songs are mid-range shooting to a full band at all. The singers often do not hold the microphone up. May have to play to the audience. I capture the moment I do it for fun now.

Tata Young’s song One Love.

Say hello to the audience in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor.
Hui Hui Ha … ha …. viewers on the top floor with a view to gain 2 to 555.

4-5 this play with the shadows in the background look a little bit.

Tata wants to keep her with me .. Oh, not many people here. She wanted to keep them both.

Dance music started as soon as it comes with a little bit like it’s Tata.

Dancer and dance style kimchi …

With his style kimchi Dancer Dancer girl would have been sandwiched.

The dancer must have a picture pretty as a picture from the 555.

Lawrence’s style of Tata แd๊ well.

With all this, and I like it.
Thanks to the team manager of the mini-concert to watch Tata Young Tata Young and the Dancer — Thanks for the fun. And give me a shot.
I appreciate all your images before you finish it up and include others. That I watch ….
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Lady Goo Goo and Lady Ga Ga The song features the lyrics: “Goo goo, moshi moshi, I’m Lady Goo Goo.”

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Lady Gaga has won an injunction at London’s High Court to stop animated character Lady Goo Goo from releasing a single, its makers have said.

Lady Goo Goo, a baby with a long blonde fringe from the Moshi Monsters online game – owned by UK firm Mind Candy – released The Moshi Dance on YouTube.

But Lady Gaga’s injunction has stopped its full release, Mind Candy said.

Law firm Mishcon de Reya confirmed it had represented Lady Gaga but said it could not comment further.

The Moshi Monsters game, aimed at six-12-year-olds, invites players to adopt “moshling” characters including Lady Goo Goo, Dustbin Beaver and Roxy.

Its owners had planned to release The Moshi Dance – which features lyrics including “my stroller’s pretty and my diapers are silk, I throw my toys out if I don’t get my milk” and “my crazy outfits seem to shock” – on iTunes.

“Start Quote

I think this could be a worrying precedent for other parody acts and tribute bands”

Michael Acton Smith Chief executive, Mind Candy

According to Mind Candy, an injunction was granted at London’s High Court on Monday preventing it from “promoting, advertising, selling, distributing or otherwise making available to the public The Moshi Dance”.

It also prevented Mind Candy from doing the same with “any musical work or video which purports to be performed by a character by the name of Lady Goo Goo, or which otherwise uses the name Lady Goo Goo or any variant thereon”.

The Moshi Dance video has since been removed from the Moshi Monsters channel on YouTube.

Mind Candy said in a statement the ruling was “a huge disappointment” and that “it’s pretty obvious that kids will be able to tell the difference between the two characters”.

Michael Acton Smith, the company’s chief executive, told the BBC: “It was a strange ruling – we certainly weren’t expecting to lose.

“We’ve had a huge amount of public support. I think this could be a worrying precedent for other parody acts and tribute bands.”

He said the popular character may even have to “killed off” from the Moshi Monsters story.
“It’s going to be a tough one.

“As things stand now, we probably would have to kill off the character – or at least modify her and change her name.

“That’s obviously not great for the kids who love her and love the music.”

Tomas Transtroemer Transtroemer is Scandinavia’s best-known living poet

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Swedish poet Tomas Transtroemer has been awarded the 2011 Nobel Prize for Literature.

The Royal Swedish Academy named him the recipient “because, through his condensed, transluscent images, he gives us fresh access to reality”.
The 80-year-old is the 108th recipient of the prestigious prize, given last year to Peruvian Mario Vargas Llosa.
Presented by the Nobel Foundation, the award – only given to living writers – is worth 10 million kronor (£944,246).
A trained psychologist, Transtroemer suffered a stroke in 1990 that affected his ability to talk.
Much of his work has been translated into English by Scottish poet Robin Fulton and American poet Robert Bly, a personal friend.
His poems – described by Publishers Weekly as “mystical, versatile and sad” – have been translated into more than 50 languages.
Tipped as a potential Nobel prize winner for many years, he is the eighth European to win the Nobel Prize for Literature in the last 10 years.
He is the first Swede to receive the prize since authors Eyvind Johnson and Harry Martinson shared it in 1974.
Born in April 1931 in Stockholm, Transtroemer graduated in psychology in 1956 and later worked in an institution for juvenile offenders.
His first collection of poetry, Seventeen Poems, was published when he was 23.
In 1966 he received the Bellman prize, one of many accolades he has won over his long career.
In 2003 one of his poems was read at the memorial service of Anna Lindh, the murdered Swedish foreign minister.

David Cassidy The show turned Cassidy into a 70s heartthrob
US singer David Cassidy has sued Sony, claiming he has not been paid royalties for sales of Partridge Family merchandise which bear his image.

The 70s TV show made Cassidy, 61, an international star. A string of spin-off merchandise included lunchboxes, magazines and board games.
Cassidy told broadcaster CNN that Sony had breached his 1971 contract which gave him 15% of sales. He is demanding “in excess of millions of dollars”.
Sony has not commented on his claims.
Cassidy’s legal action, which was filed at Los Angeles County Superior Court on Wednesday, claims Sony Pictures Entertainment and its co-defendants Screen Gems and CPT Holdings “have swindled Mr Cassidy out of his rightful share of the profits from The Partridge Family”.
His lawyers claim that, during the show’s run between 1970-74, Cassidy received an average of 30,000 letters from fans per week. They say his contract guaranteed 15% percent of net merchandising profits which bore his image while the show was on air.
It adds that merchandising has since generated “nearly $500m” (£323m).
Cassidy told CNN that his former manager told him he has only been paid about $5,000 (£3,228) for merchandise.
The legal action claims Sony has failed to provide Cassidy with financial statements for merchandising, or has “provided such accountings and reports only begrudgingly, inconsistently, inaccurately and fraudulently”.
Speaking to CNN, Cassidy said: “It’s just a matter of being fair and doing the right thing. Just be fair, be real, be genuine, don’t be greedy.”

Johnny Depp Depp has played Captain Jack Sparrow in four Pirates of the Caribbean films

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Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp has apologised for “regretful” comments made in an interview, comparing photo shoots to being raped.

He told Vanity Fair magazine he found being photographed “just weird” and said: “You just feel like you’re being raped somehow. Raped. The whole thing.”
In a statement he apologised for “a poor choice of words on my part, in an effort to explain a feeling”.
It came after he was criticised by the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network.
Speaking at the same interview, Depp, 48, added “whenever you have a photo shoot or something like that, it’s like – you just feel dumb”.
“It’s just so stupid,” he added.

Start Quote

In an effort to correct my lack of judgement, please accept my heartfelt apology”

Johnny Depp

The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network had criticised Depp saying that “while photos may feel at times intrusive, being photographed in no way compares to rape”.

It has since said it “appreciates and accepts” the apology.
Depp said he was “truly sorry for offending anyone in any way – I never meant to”.
“I understand there is no comparison and I am very regretful.
“In an effort to correct my lack of judgement, please accept my heartfelt apology,” the actor added.
Discussing pay in Hollywood, Depp – the star of films including Edward Scissorhands and Alice in Wonderland – also told the magazine: “Basically, if they’re going to pay me the stupid money right now, I’m going to take it. I have to.”
He said he was not taking the money “for me”.
“At this point, it’s for my kids. It’s ridiculous, yeah, yeah,” Depp added.

PJ Harvey Harvey said she had spent more time on lyrics than ever before

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Idiosyncratic performer PJ Harvey talks of the sense of “urgency” that prompted her to pen her second Mercury Prize-winning album.

When PJ Harvey became the first woman to win the Mercury Prize on 11 September 2001, she gave an emotional acceptance speech over the telephone from Washington DC.
It’s a moment she can barely remember.
“Ten years ago feels like such a surreal experience – I’m sure for everybody – that my only memory of the day really is being in the hotel room and watching television and seeing the Pentagon burning,” Harvey said after accepting the prize for a second time at a ceremony in London.
Were it not for events in the US on that day 10 years ago, her winning album, Let England Shake, would be very different.

Start Quote

I think the greater urgency that I felt to write an album like this now is because of the result of what has happened in the last 10 years”

PJ Harvey

Her eighth solo record is a song cycle of visceral narratives about England in conflict, from World War I to fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Obviously this record that I’ve won tonight with is largely about the wars that we are involved in,” said Harvey.
“Contemporary wars – but also, in a way, I wanted it to be timeless because we’ve always been involved in wars.
“But I think the greater urgency that I felt to write an album like this now is because of the result of what has happened in the last 10 years.”
The power of Let England Shake lies in the marriage of often brutal lyrical imagery with folk melodies and driving rhythm.
“I was writing in a very different way to how I’d ever written before – working largely on the words for a long time in advance and trying to get them to work in a strong way for themselves to begin with before even thinking of music,” she said.

James Blake James Blake, pictured with his award for nomination, performed The Wilhelm Scream

The strength of those lyrics is felt nowhere more forcefully than in The Words That Maketh Murder – performed by Harvey earlier in the evening.
“I’ve seen and done things I want to forget, I’ve seen soldiers fall like lumps of meat,” it began.
Sonic bubbles “Death lingering, stunk, flies swarming everyone,” it continued as Harvey strummed along on her autoharp while her band provided a toe-tapping shuffle backing.
The singer, whose full name is Polly Jean Harvey, wore a white leather bodice and a headdress of feathers – designed, she said, to reflect the themes of her record.
Other performance highlights on the night included James Blake – described earlier on the red carpet by fellow nominee Tinie Tempah as the coolest man in pop – whose blissed-out song The Wilhelm Scream crescendoed into a climax that bathed the Grosvenor House Hotel ballroom in sonic bubbles.
Rapper Ghostpoet, meanwhile, energised a room full of music executives with a rocking rendition of single Cash And Carry Me Home that contrasted with the sparse minimalism of the recorded version of the song.
And it was inevitably left to Elbow’s Guy Garvey to inject a large dose of sentimentality into proceedings as he pointed to the sky to implore “Let’s build a rocket boys” on Lippy Kids, the track that gave the band’s album its title.

Anna Calvi Anna Calvi performed Desire

Asked by host Jools Holland – as all the acts were – to speak to the audience after their performance, Garvey said the band had enjoyed “the best time we’ve had in the studio for 20 years on account of being honoured with the Mercury award in 2008” for The Seldom Seen Kid.
The only one of the acts who declined to say a few words was Anna Calvi – nominated for her eponymous debut album – who some have described as a younger version of 41-year-old Harvey.
Off stage, the 28-year-old is much quieter than Wednesday night’s winner but, as proved by her performance of Desire, give Calvi a Fender Telecaster and a microphone and she exudes seductive strength.
Red carpet It was a source of regret for all present that the single most powerful enigma in British pop music was unable to sing because of a chest infection that has led to a series of cancelled gigs.

Adele A video of Adele performing Rolling in the Deep was shown

Instead, Adele took to the stage to tell host Holland how “gutted” she was not to be performing from nominated album 21, swearing as she did so.
Speaking to the BBC News website earlier on the red carpet, PJ Harvey said Adele was her favourite to win.
But while Harvey is a big fan of her “very moving” voice, she is perhaps less likely to be as captivated by Adele’s songwriting ethic.
The 23-year-old recently revealed she had not written a song since 21 was finished.
Harvey, in marked contrast, is “a writer that works all the time”.
“I work every day and already my work’s begun to develop into what will be the next project and I’d like to go even further into what I began with this record,” she says.
“And I’d like to be back here again in another 10 years’ time with another record.”

Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton, Brad Paisley and Jason Aldean lead the way at this year’s Country Music Association Awards with five nods each.

All four have nominations for album of the year, as well as their respective male and female vocalist categories.
They will also compete for the top prize – entertainer of the year – along with Keith Urban.
Paisley and Carrie Underwood will host the annual ceremony on 9 November from Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena.
Aldean, who released his first record in 2005, has received his first nomination for male vocalist of the year, and goes up against Shelton, who took the title last year.
Paisley, Urban and Kenny Chesney are also nominated in the category.
Meanwhile, Swift, Underwood, Sara Evans and Martina McBride will compete against last year’s winner, Shelton’s wife Miranda Lambert, for top female vocalist.
Newcomers The Band Perry and Zac Brown Band each earned four nominations, including top songwriter nods for Kimberly Perry and Zac Brown.
Both groups are also up for top vocal group, alongside Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town and Rascal Flatts.
New artist of the year nominees included The Band Perry, Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Thompson Square and Chris Young.